Window & Door Hardware

Fentro distributes many of the components you need to manufacturer quality windows and doors. From Kömmerling profiles, Siegenia hardware, window and door handles and miscellaneous accessories, our catalogue offers a wide range of window and door components from the world’s most reputable manufacturers.


Window & Door Hardware

We are the exclusive distributor of Siegenia window and door hardware in Canada.


Window & Door Handles

Fentro distributes a variety of handle styles for tilt and turn windows and exterior doors.



CES Cylinders

CES is an internationally leading manufacturer of locking systems and electronic access control systems with a history that dates back to 1840.  

CES locking cylinders ensure that we feel safe and sound.  Built from as many as 120 individual parts manufactured with utmost precision, they also provide maximum convenience. Offering a multitude of finishes, these functional locks are the perfect fit for any aesthetic. 


We also carry a number of miscellaneous components, such as assembly and coupling elements, screws, sealers, insulators, adhesives and cleaners for exterior doors.