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Hinge Side Options for Tilt & Turn Applications

O P T I O N 1 :

elegant & really efficient
Surface mounted hinge side

  • For sash weights up to 100 kg / 130 kg with identical frame clearance
  • Lean and modern design: Flush with the rebate at the top and bottom, all screws concealed
  • Drilling on the pre-weld rod is possible, fixings in line
  • Can easily be hinged in every opening position thanks to the polygon-shaped top hinge pin with integrated turn restriction
  • Wear-resistant PVC bearing and entrance protection in the tilt position

Convenient stay hinge coupling for a rational, time-saving installation and a lasting, secure connection – no tooling required

Lower logistics spend and minimal warehousing due to compact, non-handed components

Can be used for:

O P T I O N 2 :

Fully concealed perfection
Titan AF axxent 24+

  • Only 4 hinge side parts for each window and a high degree of preassembly
  • High load-bearing capacity up to a sash weight of 150 kg
  • No additional frame parts and corner drives necessary
  • Sash is easy to fit in the slightly opened turn or tilt position
  • Optimally accessible 3D-adjustment possibilities: Continuous pressure adjustment on the top and bottom pivot for optimal sealing

More compression – less wear and tear.

Can be used for:

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