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SIEGENIA TITAN AF: Sash Lifter & Mishandling Device

sash lifter and mishandling device

Today Presenting:

Sash Lifter and Mishandling Device

These important components help make your sash safer and last longer.


The sash lifter cushions the sash and allows it to slide smoothly into the frame. It represents ease of use and supports long-term functional reliability. Two versions available.

Sash Lift Lever

(sash lifter and mishandling device as one component)

Benefits for manufacturers:

It is adjustable, its lifting capacity can thereby be optimally adapted to the circumstances of the window

For height adjustment, there are packers up to 3mm available.

Benefits for end customers:

Because of its position on the bottom corner it works in tilt position also

Very gently lifts the sash from the turning position when closing

Retrofitting is no problem

Sash Lift Roller (Inliner)

Benefits for manufacturers:
Can be also used on secondary sashes
No adjustment
Can be integrated into all tilt & turn window systems
An additional frame part is not necessary since the run-up is integrated in the inserted tilt-lock bearing

Benefits for end customers:
Guarantees easy closing even after years of use
Allows the sash to enter the frame softly & correctly
Bottom mounting also guarantees the effect in tilt position
No adjustment necessary


Prevent sash mishandling once and for all with the mishandling device versions for all window sizes and shapes.

Benefits for manufacturers:
Non-handed component
No tools required
Total functionality in large air gap sections

Benefits for end customers:
High level of functional safety, highest forces can be blocked
Supports tilt and turn position
Handle play is minimized in turn position of the sash
Immediate effect
Also suitable for retrofitting in window already installed in buildings

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