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Siegenia Striker Plates & Logo Clip On

Titan Siegenia Striker Plates & Logo Clip On

Frame parts that are optimally tailored to suit the comfort mushroom cams.

Security strikers in steel and synthetic composite
8mm in height
high strength with good design
low wear because of ideal material matching
easy operation
individual customer logo

Benefits for fabricators:

Low number of components thanks to non-handed and security striker plates

Ideal for fully automated frame component installation on pre-weld profiles

Efficient upgrading up to RC2 with simple jig technology and uniform striker plate positions; also on faceplate elements

Logo clip with customized customer logo possible

Benefits for users:

High-tensile material combination of PVC and steel that guarantees unrivalled low wear and tear

Attractive appearance of standard and security striker plates

Siegenia Logo Clip On is perfect way to add customization of your brand. It can be done in a variety of ways. Choose the one that accommodates your needs and makes your brand stand out.

Logo Clip On Variants:

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