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World-Class Technologies

Fentro’s network of European manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors includes KÖMMERLING, a leader in uPVC window and door systems. KÖMMERLING, owned by profine Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of window and door profiles, has an excellent reputation for quality and advanced technologies.


KÖMMERLING achieves higher technical and physical performance values than the competition by emphasizing durability. As a result, its products require a minimum of care with lower maintenance costs.

KÖMMERLING is the first key profile extruder in the world to produce LEAD-FREE uPVC with green stabilizers based on calcium and zinc.

Fentro is proud to be the partner for KÖMMERLING window and door systems in Canada.


The KÖMMERLING 76 centre seal system (76MD) offers all the benefits modern windows can provide.

The centre seal system with six chambers and 76 mm construction depth offers a combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions.

The system’s innovative design can take on modern triple glazing or special functional glazing with panes up to 50 mm thick. Thanks to intelligent fastening technology, the professional installation is fast, clean, and effortless.


KÖMMERLING 88 is a high-insulation, 7-chamber centre seal system with a modern construction depth of 88 mm. The standard system version returns an outstanding Uf value of 0.95 W/(m2K) and fulfils the high energy saving requirements for passive houses. This value is achieved with the steel reinforcement for maximum element sizes and on color profiles.

KÖMMERLING 88 makes large-windowed areas possible. The stable structure can take triple or ultra-modern functional glazing up to 58 mm thick, creating a visually appealing facade design with outstanding sound insulation values.

Additionally, large windowed areas allow the passage of more solar energy, especially in the cold seasons, thus minimizing energy needs and CO2 emissions.

Fentro’s Screen Solution

To complement the KÖMMERLING window system, Fentro has developed a robust screen solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but simple to use.

The product does not add any additional processes to the window manufacturer’s production line. With an aluminum frame, the screen solution is sturdy and easy to handle, with a clip-on system that allows for easy installation and removal.

Profile Accessories

Fentro profile systems also include accessories that complement the primary window system. From quality Strap Anchors to Nail Flange, Frame adapter and Brickmoulds, Fentro continually develops complementary profile accessories. These products add flexibility to current North American window performance and installation requirements.

Color Solution

Fentro understands color choices. That is why we have established our profile lamination line to provide high-quality colors for discerning customers. Choose from various high-quality finishes, from plain colors to wood grains with lead times not exceeding four weeks. Fentro promises color consistency and is quality-backed with a 10-year warranty.