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Your Number One Source for Components

Fentro sources and distributes the components manufacturers need to fabricate quality windows and doors. We offer Siegenia hardware and an array of window and door handles and miscellaneous accessories from some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers.


The SIEGENIA GROUP is a global leader in hardware innovation. With over 100 years of industry experience, SIEGENIA offers a wide range of products and systems meant for comfortable, modern living.

SIEGENIA’s high-quality designs and solutions seamlessly incorporate into a production process, making it simpler and more efficient to produce high-performing windows and doors.

Fentro Hardware Systems is proud to represent SIEGENIA in North America.


Ideal for uPVC and Timber Tilt and Turn window systems, the TITAN AF saves time and money in the production process. It is made from high-quality materials and flexible enough to integrate into existing production lines. Numerous product improvements reduce installation times. Extensive design options provide customized room comfort.

KFV Door Hardware

KFV’s unique modular system, uniform routing templates, a high degree of preassembly, and freely combinable product families allow for a wide range of flexible and efficient configuration. The low number of components also ensures lean warehousing. KFV door hardware features a multi-point locking system with options for either handle operated or key-operated, multi-point locks.

BKV Hinges

Suitable for all conventional PVC profile systems, BKV hinges are ideal for heavy, inward- or outward-opening entrance doors up to 120 kg.

Hoppe Handles

Fentro’s portfolio of hardware systems portfolio is complemented with high-quality Hoppe window and door handles. Available in a variety of finishes, the handles have the patented Secustik® function for added security. Secustik window handles contain a jamming-device, which provides integrated security. This feature makes it more challenging to move the window fitting unlawfully from the outside. A coupling element acts as a mechanical diode. This component allows for everyday use from the inside, but the handle jams if turned from the outside.

Fentro Hardware Systems is proud to represent Hoppe Handles in North America.


SPAX® construction screws and fasteners are engineered to save time and money. They offer a versatile fastening solution for multiple materials, including wood, metal, uPVC, and treated lumber. SPAX high-performance, professional-grade screws are ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Fentro Hardware Systems is proud to represent SPAX in North America.

CES Cylinders Locking System

CES is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical locking systems for public, private, and industrial buildings. Known for its high quality, CES offers a wide range of products dependent on customer profiles.

Fentro Hardware Systems is a proud partner of CES and carries a range of cylinders available in different finishes.

PHI Glazing & Installation Accessories

Fentro recognizes the challenges in producing and installing finished windows. To support fabricators, Fentro carries a range of PHI (Partner für Handel und Industrie) glazing bridges and installation shims. PHI has been a supplier of high-quality accessories to the window and door industry for over 30 years and has gained quality certificates from ISO 9001, Quality Seals of the RAL Quality Community and ift Rosenheim.

Fentro Hardware Systems is proud to represent PHI in North America.

Wemaro Manufacturing Tools

Wemaro is a leading producer of cutting tools for fabricating uPVC, aluminum, steel, and composite profiles. The company incorporates advanced technology to streamline production, enabling it to produce tools tested to the highest standards.

Fentro Hardware systems is proud to be Wemaro’s exclusive distributor in Canada.

Fentro’s Screen Solution

To complement its portfolio of European window hardware and ancillary systems, Fentro has developed a robust screen solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but simple to use.

The product does not add any additional processes to the window manufacturer’s production line. With an aluminum frame, the screen solution is sturdy and easy to handle, with a clip-on system that allows for easy installation and removal.