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We would like to inform you that our company will be present at WinDoor 2022. Come visit us! Fentro Hardware Systems is excited to see you and discuss new opportunities for your business! Feel free to use our Customer Code FT22

Siegenia Titan Vent Secure

Did you know that healthy ventilation doesn't have to come at the expense of feeling safe in your home? Introducing the Titan Vent Secure. Now you can leave your window open a crack and still be optimally protected against intruders and driving rain. 

Siegenia Coupling Concept

Assembly becomes quick and easy due to the innovative Siegenia click-on coupling feature. 
What's more, the intelligent system enables all window sizes to be upgraded with only a few additional components.

TGKT Multi-Point Locking System Door

TGKT Multi-Point Locking System

Our TGKT Multi-point Entry Door Locking System is specifically designed for Standard North-American Doors. It allows to substantially reduce air leakage and discomfort through compression control. Our multi-point lock with uniform dimensions is an intelligent modular system that make your work from fabrication to installation considerably easier.

Three or more locking points allow for better security and overall performance. Learn more about all the benefits by clicking on brochure button down below.

Titan Siegenia Striker Plates & Logo Clip On

Siegenia Striker Plates & Logo Clip On

Frame parts that are optimally tailored to suit the comfort mushroom cams.

Security strikers in steel and synthetic composite
8mm in height
high strength with good design
low wear because of ideal material matching
easy operation
individual customer logo

TITAN Energy Saving Summer and Winter windows

The Energy Saving Stay

Thanks to the energy saving stay, now that we are approaching summer season, your customers are provided with an opportunity to increase the opening in the tilt position to allow more air coming in and out to allow for better air circulation with the help of the summer/winter ventilation.

Soft Close Patio Doors

Soft Close Patio Doors


Made possible by Siegenia Hardware, experience the ease of operating these doors while having piece of mind with this added safety feature in place.

TITAN Comfort Mushroom Cam

Today Presenting:

TITAN comfort mushroom cam

The TITAN comfort mushroom cam demonstrates the fact that huge progress can be made on a small scale. The automatic tolerance compensation reduces the setting effort during assembly to an absolute minimum - quickly and without tools. No other solution can do this in this form. Customers all over the world appreciate the ease of movement of TITAN fittings associated with the permanently optimally set locking system - without compromising on burglar resistance.


Benefits for manufacturers: Makes assembly simple and precise with its continuous height adjustment Automatically compensates for clearance tolerances, which means it can reduce adjustment work considerably both during production and assembly on site Prevents costly…

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Carrymate 5 Transport Grip span width 0-80 mm …

Screen Solutions

Fentro's Screen Solutions for your Tilt and Turn Windows

Made with extruded aluminum frame providing rigidity and strength

Design and Functionality:

Designed specifically for tilt and turn windows, screen bars are mounted on the exterior of the window frame which provides a clean look and prevents the insects from being trapped between the screens and the windows. High-quality stainless-steel clips are used to attach the screens to the window profiles. They provide for easy access and removal for cleaning.
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