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Kömmerling PremiSlide 76: Fantastic Performance in Every Detail

Kömmerling PremiSlide 76, a sliding door system that redefines excellence in functionality, versatility, and design. Elevate your spaces with dreamlike views and excellent performance.
Here’s a closer look at why the PremiSlide 76 stands out:

Engineering Brilliance:

  • With a robust 158 mm installation depth and a precisely engineered 76 mm sliding sash, the PremiSlide 76 is a testament to quality construction, ensuring durability and stability.

Thermal Efficiency at its Best:

  • Achieve the best energy-saving value in its class with a high thermal insulation value (Uf as low as 1.4 W/(m²K)). The system accommodates glazing options up to 44 mm, with thermal transmittance ratings as low as 0.85 W/m2k. This is complemented by multiple compression gaskets that ensure a tight seal, keeping wind drafts at bay.

Versatile Design for Modern Living:

  • Whether you’re in need of practical sliding windows or lightweight sliding doors, the Kömmerling PremiSlide 76 is your go-to solution. Available in OX and OXO configurations (with “X” referring to the operable sash).

User-Friendly Operation with ECO SLIDE:

  • Experience smooth and non-wearing locking movements with the ECO SLIDE hardware system. Opening and closing seems effortless, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Kömmerling PremiSlide 76 is more than just a sliding system; it’s a harmonious blend of engineering excellence, thermal efficiency, design diversity, and user-friendly operation. Elevate your living experience with Kömmerling PremiSlide 76 – where innovation meets efficiency.
Stay tuned for more insights into the versatility and aesthetic appeal of the PremiSlide 76.

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