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PHI Glazing Materials for Your PVC Windows and Doors:

PHI glazing materials are like the behind-the-scenes heroes that make sure your windows and doors are super secure and sealed tight.

Made to elevate the standards of your installations. With a focus on the end user, these accessories are not just components; they are integral to the seamless operation and longevity of your windows and doors.

Glazing Bridges:These glazing bridges serve a dual purpose – leveling the rebate base in window and door systems and accommodating the blocking. Here are the key advantages:

  • Open labyrinth system for drainage and ventilation
  • Glass block protection
  • Easy assembly and optimal hold thanks to an effective clamping system in the frame
  • Made of polypropylene materials (non-aging & softener resistant)

Available for: Aluplast, Deceuninck, Gealan, Kommerling, Rehau, Salamander, VEKA

Glazing Shims:Our glazing shims are designed for fixing glass surfaces in the frame of window and door systems. Here are the advantages:

  • Open labyrinth system for optimal vapor pressure equalization
  • Optimum load distribution and load transfer
  • Average minimum contact area of 700mm²
  • Made of polypropylene materials (non-aging & softener resistant)

PHI has a whole range of other components like Installation Shims, Welding Blocks, Transport Securing Blocks, and Drainage Caps. We’ll be diving into the details of these product families in our upcoming mailouts. Stay tuned for more ways to enhance your windows and doors!

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