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Lift & Slide Operating Hardware

FENTRO Lift & Slide Doors were developed in combination with some of the best components available including high quality hardware to allow for smooth and elegant door operations of even the biggest and heaviest doors.

Standard Hardware configurations include:

  • Smooth Gliding Bogie rollers carrying up to 300kg of Sash weight effortlessly.
  • Spring Loaded Comfort Gears for controlled Handled swing.
  • Gear Dampers, transmitting handle force without stroke loss or cracking noise.
  • Security Features conforming to RC2 resistance class.
  • Virtually maintenance free rollers.

Optional Hardware Features

  • Enhanced Bogie roller Kit for sash weights up to 400Kg distributed across 8 rollers.
  • Compact Bogie roller design or greater glass to frame ratios.
  • Additional pneumatic damper for greater handle rotation support.

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