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Screen Solutions

ces cylinders

Fentro’s Screen Solutions for your
Tilt and Turn Windows

Made with extruded aluminum frame providing rigidity and strength

Design and Functionality:

Designed specifically for tilt and turn windows, screen bars are mounted on the exterior of the window frame which provides a clean look and prevents the insects from being trapped between the screens and the windows.

High-quality stainless-steel clips are used to attach the screens to the window profiles. They provide for easy access and removal for cleaning.

No visible corner connectors, which allows for aesthetically pleasing clean and seamless look

Colors and Sizes:

Our technology allows for screen bars to be built in various sizes without sacrificing strength and durability and in various colors* to allow you to provide choices for your customers

*availability of colors above may vary

Contact us for more INFORMATION or to get some SAMPLES Email:     Phone: 204-822-1405

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Your Fentro – Team