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Siegenia Titan Vent Secure

Did you know that healthy ventilation doesn’t have to come at the expense of feeling safe in your home? Introducing the Titan Vent Secure. Now you can leave your window open a crack and still be optimally protected against intruders and driving rain. 

TITAN vent secure offers verified, scalable burglar resistance from basic security up to RC2 in both the locked and ventilation positions.
The security of burglar resistant windows is maintained despite the 10 mm tilt night vent opening. This way you can ensure a healthy and feel-good climate even when you’re not there and prevent mold build-up.


  • For timber, timber-aluminum and PVC windows
  • Implemented using special frame parts, no additional parts required
  • Easy to install and hardly any adjustment work is required
  • Largely resistant to driving rain for air exchange in all weathers
  • Prevents mold formation
  • Hardly any draughts compared to normal tilted windows
  • Intuitive manual operation with the established turn-and-tilt operating sequence
  • Prevents the sash from closing in case of a draught
  • No visible, unsightly additional parts
  • Easy to retrofit

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