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You are Invited!

We would like to inform you that our company will be present at WinDoor 2022. Come visit us! Fentro Hardware Systems is excited to see you and discuss new opportunities for your business! Feel free to use our Customer Code FT22

What to expect at WinDoor 2022:

  • Multi Point Hardware for North American Doors

Our TGKT Multi-point Entry Door Locking System is specifically designed for Standard North-American Doors. It allows to substantially reduce air leakage and discomfort through compression control.

  • KFV Genius with Access Control Units
  • Siegenia Opening Restrictor
  • Hoppe Handles

Contact us for more INFORMATION or to get some SAMPLES Email: 

    Phone: 204-822-1405 Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Your Fentro Hardware Team