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Benefits of a Tilt & Turn System

Tilt & Turn: window solution that combines effortless operation, heightened security, and exceptional energy efficiency. There are a multitude of advantages that tilt-and-turn windows offer.

  • Convenient one-hand operation. Opening, tilting and closing even heavyweight windows – inconceivable without the SIEGENIA quality standard.
  • Integrated ventilation function. Turn-and-tilt windows in the tilt position guarantee pleasant basic ventilation. Additional advantages in comparison with turn-only windows: ventilation is possible without problems even in case of driving rain or snow.
  • Easy to clean from the inside. Window cleaning is safe and easy due to the inward opening turning position.
  • Unrivalled compression. Only inward opening windows achieve the compression against air and water required for energy-efficient building. 

Especially long service life. The turn and tilt system prevents abrasion of the elastic sash rebate seals. This means that optimum compression with minimum wear is achieved in the long term with a well adjusted window. Below the line, this also benefits the environment because particularly long-lasting windows consume much fewer resources.

Comparison with Other Systems:

  • Outward-opening windows: problems with roller shutter and other blinds limited opening width and restricted field of vision difficult to clean from the outside danger for outsiders if the window sash comes loose.
  • Vertical sliding windows: abrasion of the elastic sash rebate seals, hence susceptible to wear bad sound insulation difficult to clean from the outside.
  • Pivoting sash: difficult to clean difficult operation.

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