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Siegenia Break Stay for Doors & Windows

Introducing the Brake Stay from Siegenia – a game-changing hardware solution for European windows and doors. This revolutionary device is meticulously designed to securely hold your windows and doors in the open position, effectively preventing any accidental movement and providing you with a sense of tranquility. Brake Stay ensures exceptional stability, allowing you to relish in the benefits of fresh air while maintaining optimal positioning of the sash.

  • For Turn Only Sashes
  • Contains 3 pieces :
    • Locking Bolt (which connects to the gear and forwards the locking force to the brake stay, when the handle is turned)
    • Brake Stay
    • Profile dependent Frame part
  • Retrofittable
  • Completely concealed in the hardware groove
  • Limits the door opening to max. 90˚
  • Can be used on Inswing and Outswing elements

5 Different sizes available:

Brake Stay Size              Sash Groove Width

Brake Stay TR Size 1         280-500 mm

Brake Stay TR Size 2         501-700 mm

Brake Stay TR Size 3         701-900 mm

Brake Stay TR Size 4         901-1100 mm

Brake Stay TR Size 5         1101-1300 mm

Not only does the Brake Stay offer enhanced security, but it also presents an elevated level of convenience through its intuitive user-friendly operation. By simply turning the handle to the ‘closed’ position while the sash is swung open, you can effortlessly lock the sash in your desired position, allowing for a wide range of openings from 15˚ to 90˚. This seamless process puts you in complete control of the swing position of your windows or doors, providing utmost ease and customization.

With its sleek and robust design, the Brake Stay seamlessly integrates with European window and door systems, complementing their overall aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

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