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CES Door Cylinders: “Look and Feel” Design

Dark, refined and understated. Yet still a highlight. The deep, matt surface of our new locking cylinders establishes a consistent visual concept together with handle sets and lever handles.

The skin is the body’s most sensitive organ, especially the area around our fingertips. Every time you touch a door knob from our new design range, you can feel its solid quality and velvety texture.

The new range of locking cylinders is tailored to the current trend of dark tones in door fittings and lever handles, making them not only functional but also stylish design elements. The in-house developed multi-stage paint and coating process transforms the brass into a velvety texture reminiscent of blasted aluminum, resulting in visually and tactilely appealing surfaces. Furthermore, the paint’s fine metal particles and color tones are precisely matched to complement handle sets from leading manufacturers, ensuring a cohesive and seamless look for the overall design.

  • Cylinders are made to size, can be tailored to the specific dimensions of the door.
  • Rekeyable by North American standard procedure. 
  • Schlage C Keyway possible (North American Standard).
  • Cylinder options for key-operated locking gears (360˚) or handle-operated locking gears (110˚) available.

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