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SPAX screws for Window Manufacturing

At Fentro, we understand the critical role that proper fastening plays in window construction projects. That’s why we carry our premium line of SPAX screws, designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in every installation.

The SPAX Advantage: SPAX screws are renowned for their innovative design and superior quality. When it comes to window construction, choosing the right screws can make all the difference in durability, stability, and overall project success.

💡 Benefits at a Glance:

  • Time-saving self-drilling points for efficient installations.
  • Advanced thread design ensures optimal grip and holding power.
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings for long-lasting performance.
  • Reduced risk of splitting or damage during installation.
  • Improved overall aesthetics and functionality.

WIROX Coating:

  1. High protection against corrosion: Compared with conventional  blank zinc-plated screws, SPAX  with the optimized WIROX A9J surface offers significantly higher  corrosion protection.
  2. High zinc layer thickness:  The thickness of the zinc coating  has been increased by 25% and is  now 10 μm. As a result, the screws  satisfy Class T2/C2nw in accor- dance with future standard EN  14592 for roofed outdoor areas.
  3. Eurocode 5: With a zinc coating thickness of  10 μm, the screw meets service  class 2 requirements for use in  roofed outdoor areas.
  4. EN 1670 standard: SPAX with the optimised WIROX A9J surface meet class 4, (“Very high resistance”), according to this  European standard for the corrosion resistance of locks and fittings.
  5. Slide coating: The SPAX is covered with a slide coating,  which reduces screwing-in torques.
  6. Environmentally friendly: WIROX is free of chrome VI, and thus significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional surfaces both in production and in use.